Firestone represents the ideal destination

Firestone represents the ideal destination
Bridgestone Europe has announced that Firestone has developed Destination HP for the tyre replacement market, targeting drivers of city crossovers and small-to-medium-sized sport utility vehicles (SUVs). 

Competing in Firestone’s mid-priced tyre segment, Destination HP aims to provide SUVs with best-in-class mileage and control in the wet, with top handling stability in all conditions. 

José-Enrique Gonzalez, director marketing, Bridgestone Europe said: “The Destination HP targets our core Firestone customers – the young at heart, active people aspiring to a freedom to drive – capitalizing on their growing attraction to urban crossovers and their aspiration towards a carefree SUV way of life.” 

Destination HP achieves up to 35% higher mileage without reducing safety and backs up this positioning with a highly competitive technical package. The sporty tread pattern is designed for giving maximum control and traction in cornering. 

Groove distribution is optimized for wet performance while the stiff shoulder blocks ensure good grip and steering response in dry conditions. A special SUV casing construction ensures stable driving and long-lasting wear. 

The Destination HP also achieves top results in wet grip with best-in-segment results on the Euro Tyre Label B grading for wet grip across all five top-selling Destination HP sizes introduced in 2014. 

This performance combines with C to E grading on fuel efficiency, providing a perfect balance between rolling resistance and wear life. 

Destination HP is available across Europe from May 2014, initially in 10 sizes for 16- and 17-inch rims. 

Firestone has become a trusted brand in Europe and has stood the test of time. It is also a brand with a strong history in motorsports, being involved in Formula 1 in the 1950’s until the mid-1970’s as well as – more remarkably – in the Indianapolis 500 where the first race ever in 1911 was won by a car running Firestone tyres. 

The new Destination HP will be playing a key role in reaffirming Firestone in Europe. The brand is reasserting its core philosophy which is to allow everyone the freedom to drive and discover. Firestone is keeping this heritage alive not only by connecting with consumers’ aspirations to a SUV active lifestyle, but by offering a wide set of options to motorists – ranging from general use, to high performance (SZ90α) as well as touring (TZ300μ) or Run-Flat Technology tyres (SZ90 RFT). 

Indeed, over the last couple of years, the brand has been busy upgrading its passenger car tyre line-up and now offers motorists a very competitive range designed for reliability, safety and value for money – in summer and in winter. 

This renewal of the brand’s identity will also soon be visible on the new Firestone website due to be renewed this summer. 

Firestone Destination HP 
Internal testing carried out at the Bridgestone European Proving Ground. Size: 215/65R16 H, Vehicle: Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4x4.

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